What difference does BTG really make?

Guild members past and present share their stories below.

Take a trip down memory lane with Joe Osier, now a professional actor in Seattle, as he tours BTG and talks about how his experiences at BTG started his career.

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And when my middle school guy friends tried to tease me about being in a play? Telling them that story shut them up pretty quick. Clearly, theater was powerful.

Read the rest of what children's author Clete Barret Smith shared with us.

Director and writer, Craig Johnson, says:

The Bellingham Theater Guild was where it all started for me-- my love for performing, my love for theater and, perhaps most of all, my love of being surrounded by creative people. From age 11 to 17, I performed in seven productions there, three of them original Roy Bentley extravaganzas. I was onstage with Hilary Swank, had my first kiss backstage, and saw more productions there than I can remember. 

For me, the BTG really functioned as a community-- one that encouraged me to be myself, one that didn't judge me, and one that introduced me to a whole world of strange & wonderful people known as "theater people". For an exuberant, thirteen-year-old who enjoyed the spotlight- I'd found my home. It's my hope that the Theater Guild continues to live a healthy, robust life so that other offbeat kids- and adults- can find a home there too.